• Team Member Spotlight – Sallie Pruitt, Founder and CEO of Pruitt Resources

    by Pruitt Resources at 05/16/2022

    At Pruitt Resources, our strategic advantage is our team of dedicated, experienced, and passionate people who find purpose in helping small businesses, non-profit organizations, and corporations realize their full growth potential through digital marketing strategies. As such, we decided to kick off our summer blog series with posts highlighting the team members who make us what we are. We hope you enjoy reading about them and perhaps even find some inspiration in their stories!

    Who better to feature in our first blog post than our Founder and CEO, Sallie Pruitt. Sallie graduated from the University of South Carolina and began her career in education. Sallie married and took a position in marketing working for Colliers International in Atlanta. She later joined Retail Insight as a Tenant Representative Broker and handled the marketing for Regional and National Retailers throughout Georgia. In 2010 she moved to Virginia with her family and was named the IT and Marketing Director for CCA Financial. Sallie took a position as the Director of Marketing for Commonwealth Commercial and founded Pruitt Resources. We met with Sallie recently to learn more.


    Hi Sallie, thanks for meeting with us!  You have an impressive background in corporate marketing. What prompted you to start your own business?

    I was working in the corporate world and then had two young children. I knew that something had to change in my day-to-day routine. I was volunteering with several non-profits at the time and found the work I did with them so gratifying. As part of that work, I saw their budgets and the amounts they were paying for marketing services. I knew that I had the skill set to help businesses grow, and could do so more economically and without such a substantial hit to their bottom line. I started Pruitt Resources with a few non-profits as clients, and then my sister-law decided to start her own business. We began working together and then one thing led to another! We continue to partner together to grow her online art gallery, and I also work with non-profits, small businesses, and corporations to provide the marketing resources they need to succeed.

    What do you enjoy most about what you do?

    I love helping people! So often, clients have one person helping them with their website, another person doing their graphic design, and someone else helping them with e-mail marketing, etc. We are able to come in and tie all of that together so that there is a cohesive strategy and brand. As a former elementary school teacher, I find great joy in teaching companies how to grow their business. If a company can do something in-house, I am all for teaching them how to do it, so they can be self-sustainable. At the same time, many small businesses and non-profits lack the resources to be able to run their marketing in-house. In those cases, we love to collaborate and essentially become a marketing extension of their business.

    What are your professional goals with your business?

    Growth! The past five years have been about establishing a solid foundation in terms of finding the right talent, building out our team, and putting in place systems, policies and procedures. All of our growth to date has happened organically through referrals and word of mouth. We cannot wait to see where technology takes us over the next several years.

    What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

    I love to be on the water. Whether it is the beach or the river, I find such peace just being in a beautiful place with good friends and family. If I can’t get away, I also find a good walk to be a great way to clear my mind and refocus.